Although some graduates of community colleges and technical institutes will be fortunate enough to obtain positions as programmer-trainees, most will probably land jobs within the IT/ITES industry. If you earn a four-year degree in IT/CS/ECE or any other stream of engineering or pursuing any courses on computer application, the chances are fairly good that you will find an entry-level position as a programmer, but there are no guarantees. As will recall the real demand is for experienced programmer. One way to acquire this experience is to find a full or part time on the job training while you are pursuing or passed out your degree.  Upon graduation, you will be fully prepared for that first programming position. To become a bona fide project lead you can plan on first working as a programmer for at least a year or two. This period does much to acclimate the would be team leader to the overall information system process and provide an introduction to the rigors of working " in the trenches"


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